telier Café BCN is a Barcelona-based contemporary artist collective, a project in characterization and an intersection of fine art and theatrics.

Atelier Café BCN is a model for the organization, evolution and co-operation of diverse voices within a collective. Each artist represents a specific artistic focus and approach. Each artist is an extension of their own media…

Atelier Cafe BCN promotes unique artists whose works explore contemporary issues, materials and technology, and retain a personal fingerprint through the execution of their craft.

All artworks are for sale.

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Izzi Knott (b.1987) has an art practice that bridges the distant poles of classical oil painting and performance art.

Izzi is a gender-non-conforming, historically inspired, self-referential performance portraitist who examines and questions cultural, biological, political and social constructions of femininity and masculinity. Her live painting work centres on historical women known for their make-up, such as Elizabeth I and Edith Piaf.

She currently lives in Nice.


Marlon Jay Truman (b.1976) is a contemporary multimedia painter. 

While indebted to the rich history of realist art from Egyptian tomb portraits to Joan Mitchell via Hans Holbein, he is a natural iconoclast who uses found imagery and objects, digital collages, projections, and high gloss varnish to adapt traditional processes for contemporary audiences.

In 2016 Marlon moved to Lisbon, Portugal – the land of his grandparents.


Thom Alexandr (b.1969) brings Old Master sensibility to underground queer culture, and vice versa.

For Alexandr, the life drawing session can be a powerful interaction of opposing forces: a fascinating cocktail of gendered power dynamics and erotic undertones.

Alexandr’s ongoing semi-autobiographical series, “River Gods” is a personal rite de passage in the form of Roman statuary come to life, and grows out of such sessions in New York, where he currently lives.


Hadrian Thorpe (b. 1975) is a self-taught artist, born and raised in an artist commune in his native Denmark. From an early age, he was interested in landscape drawing and storytelling. Thorpe situates his oil portraits within a dreamlike milieu reminiscent of the settings of Old Master paintings, conjuring an eerie parallel universe that forces the viewer to consider alternative norms of beauty.

Since 2008, he has lived full time in Tennessee, where he paints out of a studio in the woods.


Hazr (b.1988) specializes in street scenes and landscapes on paper. Public spaces, and the people who use them – particularly in his home town of Barcelona – form the basis of his work. 

Raised by archeologist parents in Malta, from an early age Hazr joined them on digs across the ancient Mediterranean. It was while assisting on a dig in Morgantina, Sicily, that he discovered the descriptive potential of line when he was asked to produce scaled drawings of the debris from a collapsed bath complex. This combination of messy human reality and analytical exactitude would form the foundation of his practice. Since 2013, he has lived in Barcelona.


Freddie Leigh Whitman (b. 1977) is a transcendentalist landscape painter in the tradition of the Boston and Hudson River Schools.

Whitman exercises and develops his observational skills to challenge his own blindness to his environment. Naturalistic painting is a meditation, and a way of maintaining autonomy over his eyesight, in a culture where simplistic commercial images insert themselves into our brains all too easily.

He currently lives outside of Boston.